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I’ve had a mic in my face since the 80s. Started out as an on-air radio guy in Phoenix, then moved into voice acting for national and local radio, t.v., and imaging spots. It’s been a hot ride but it’s a dry heat and VO booths are generally air conditioned.

I do some music imaging stuff for stations locally too. I’m always looking for ways to hone my skills. We kicked out the new demo for this site. I’ve also updated my site. You shoulda seen my old one, ooof!

I act on-camera sometimes for national, regional, and local commercials. I copy-write and produce radio spots that get heard! I have a mega studio of my own – complete with an Avalon VT737ST processor and an AKG XL2 microphone. Sweeeet!

I don’t write bios in the third person.

So let’s do this thing!